The most destructive thing that you probably believe—and what to do about it.

beliefs inspiration May 02, 2019


I want to talk to you today about the worst thing that you can believe—that somewhere in your life, you do believe—and I’m going to talk about how you can overcome that in a pretty straightforward fashion.

First off, what is the most destructive belief you can have? We’ll get right to it: The most destructive belief you can have is the belief that what you do doesn’t matter.

If you have a belief somewhere in your life that what you do doesn’t matter, that’s it. It’s game over at that point. That’s gonna take the wind out of your sails. That’s gonna stop everything.

I run into this sometimes, just like other people. Right now I’m working on an online facilitation training course—a massive amount of work. And in the last couple days things have come up and I haven’t been able to get much done on it, and I start thinking to myself, “Well, it doesn’t really matter how much I do on this...

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