Where is your King?

Where is your King?

Hi, everybody. Dmitri here. 

I’ve been hearing this question a lot in men’s groups lately: “Where is your king?” And it’s actually a great question, because it can help focus you on what’s truly important to you when you’re having a difficult time. So I want to talk about it for just a couple minutes here. 

First off, this question, “Where is your king?”

When do we find ourselves asking this question?

We find ourselves asking this question when someone is having a hard time and complaining about some kind of a hard time. At least, this is what I see in the men’s groups that I’ve been in. 

A man may be complaining about his job, some difficulty at work. Or being out of work and being discouraged. Or a relationship issue, something like that. And the guy will be complaining about it and someone will ask, “Hey, where is your King?”

Asking this question is a way to...

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