Should You "Kick a Man when he’s Down?" Or YOURSELF?

compassion love Mar 06, 2019


Edited Transcription:


There’s a famous personal development guy—I’m not going to say who he is—and he said, “You should always kick a man when he’s down. He’ll get up faster.”  

But what that doesn’t speak to is, what sort of a person gets up?

When you bully yourself—and we’ll talk about you, here—when you bully yourself into getting up and ignoring your feelings and forcing your way through anyway, what kind of a person do you turn into? 

I think this is pretty important, because we’re all really told that when you’re down, when you’re not doing well, or when you feel stuck, what you really need is a good kick in the ass. Now, sometimes that’s true, a kick in the ass will help. But most of the time, it really isn’t what you need. 

There’s so much "kick yourself harder" going around. I saw an article online that said, “Why you need to...

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