An Online Carpet Work Course led by Dmitri Bilgere

• Never get Stuck    • A Simple Process You can use Anywhere
   • Be Confident  • For Men and Women

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If You're New to Facilitation

Start right. Understand the fundamentals of leading healing work.

If You Have Some Experience

Step into your confidence and certainty that you can lead.

If You're a Pro

Learn a new, breakthrough process you can use anywhere—on the phone, one-on-one, or on the Carpet.

If You Have Passion for Helping People Heal, You've Come to the Right Place

I have more than 30 years' experience teaching Carpet Work, all over the world. I will help you become the facilitator and healer you want to be.

Video #1: How to Heal People

Video #2: The 2 things you have to do

Video #3: The 5-step Framework

Video #4: Changing their fate

Your Plan for Never Feeling Stuck on the Carpet Again

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Complexity is the Enemy of Great Facilitation

You don't have to learn ever-more complicated processes in order to help people. The core of healing is simple, and you can use that simplicity and clarity in your healing work.

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