A Free Course on How to Lead Process Work over VIDEO using STORY

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Guide people through deeply healing stories

A simple process you can use on video calls or in person

Be the leader everybody wants to work with

It's like having the "answers from the back of the book"

It turns out that stories we love -- from Star Wars to Iron John—all follow the same basic structure.

...And that's the same structure Carpet Work processes follow, too.

When you know "story structure," it's like having the “cheat code” for running Carpet Work.

This all-new free course takes you through the structure of stories—so you can run deep, fast work, in person or over video, easily. 

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Learn a process you can use in groups, video calls, on the phone, and 1-on-1

Use "Story Structure" to run deep work over video

Build your reputation as a great, fast facilitator

If You're New to Facilitation

Start right. Understand the fundamentals of leading healing work.

If You Have Some Experience

Step into your confidence and certainty that you can lead.

If You're a Pro

Learn a new, breakthrough approach you can use anywhere—on the phone, one-on-one, or on the Carpet.

Become the leader you were born to be

I remember the frustration of being a beginner in healing work, and I want to help you bypass that pain. Over the past 30 years I've helped hundreds of people become confident, effective facilitators. I'd like to help you, too.


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