Thank you for having the courage to visit this site.

Yes, courage. 

If you've tried in the past to lose weight or improve your health, and failed, visiting yet another site about health is courageous. It takes courage to say, "Things haven't gone my way with improving my health. But I'll look one more time anyway." In the face of past failures, it really does take courage to look one more time.

So I acknowledge you for your courage in visiting this site. Please know that I am committed to doing everything I can to meet your highest expectations, and to not let you down. 

Welcome to The purpose of this site is to support you around the emotional aspects of weight loss and improving your health.

It's my intention that my brief articles on this site will be a support to you. It's my intention that these weekly posts will gently help you get to the emotional and spiritual spot from which you'll be able to take whole-hearted action and remake your body.

This site may be for you...

  • If you've tried in the past and failed. If you've tried to improve your health, and failed, I'll help you get over your hopelessness about trying again.
  • If you're ready to take action. If you are ready to take action to improve your health, but suspect you have issues of discouragement that will stop you (or don't know what to do next), I'll help you get past that discouragement and move forward wholeheartedly.
  • If you're currently taking action. If you're taking action toward better health but are having ups and downs, I'll help you get past the emotional "down points" so you can keep moving forward.
  • If you're not ready to take action. If you're not ready to take action about your health, but you know you'll need to at some point, I'll help you overcome any shame you might feel about not "doing it better," and I'll help you gently get ready to start making a change.      

I strongly believe that if you haven't handled the emotional aspects of weight-loss and health improvement, you will almost certainly fail—and even if you do succeed, maintaining that success will be a constant effort and struggle. 

Put another way, if you're going to succeed in taking action and changing your health, you have to be able to make changes in your behavior. But I believe you have to be able to make those changes wholeheartedly—without suffering or relying too much on willpower. 

You won't succeed just by making another vow that this time you'll do better. You won't succeed by promising to be more disciplined. And you won't be truly inspired by yet another pep-talk. 

You'll only succeed long-term in creating better health after you've handled your heart-level feelings of discouragement or hopelessness about your health—and replaced those feelings with authentic inspiration.

That's what I help my phone coaching clients with (click here for more info), and that's what I'm here to help you with, too. 

Because it turns out...

  • It is possible to improve your health without feeling like you have to live a life of drudgery, discipline and depravation.
  • It is possible to change your diet—and even change it drastically—and to enjoy it, and to be at peace about it.
  • It is possible take consistent action to figure out your best path forward to better health, even if you don't know what to do right now. 
  • It is possible to find an activity program that works for you, and to implement it.
  • It is possible to wholeheartedly pursue better health.

So again, welcome. You can always contact me with questions at (click here to email) or by filling out the form here

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