“My coaching sessions with Dmitri Bilgere helped me get my health and fitness back on track. I was overweight with high blood pressure and low energy. I already knew how to work out and eat right, but Dmitri helped me do it without suffering about it. Since we worked together, I’ve lost 15 pounds and my blood pressure went down from 140/125 to textbook normal at 120/80 (without medication!). I would highly recommend Dmitri to anyone who is struggling to take the actions they need to take, without suffering about it!”       
     - Bob Gowen, Indianapolis, Indiana 
“I did a few sessions with Dmitri, and in the last six weeks I’ve lost 8 pounds, I’ve been able to keep my eating healthy, and even better, the things that used to seem like obligations for my health now feel like things I GET to do! I see now I can have a good, fun life, and be healthy too. I don’t have to choose.”          
     - Kyle Cromwell, Memphis, Tennessee 
"I have started my weight loss journey with individual coaching from Dimitri Bilgere. I found the coaching to be a life changing experience. Dimitri was very easy to work with. I felt like I was in the room with him. He helped me find God's love through his coaching. This was a block I had.
Finding God's love is what will enable me to lose weight and keep it off. A big problem for me was sugar in my diet. I have removed sugar entirely at this point. I finally feel at peace with food. Whenever I am tempted to overeat I know I can turn to God's love to heal that part in my heart. This has been a wonderful experience for me."
     - Elaine Pendergast, Chicago, Illinois 
“I have always blamed my lack of will power and used that to shame myself, hoping that shame would magically turn into motivation. Imagine my immense surprise to discover through Dmitri’s coaching that my willpower and weakness were not the root cause of this suffering and my failure! I have come to see new possibilities, new ways of loving myself, and best of all, I am *eager* to try weight loss again but without shame and self-blaming. Thanks to Dmitri’s guidance, I’m going to infuse my efforts with something I had forgotten I needed: love.”     
     - Edmond Manning, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Personal coaching might be for you if:

  • you’ve tried and failed to lose weight in the past, and have lost heart about it, or
  • you feel like maybe you could lose the weight, but it seems like that would mean a life of deprivation, or
  • the idea of giving up the foods that you emotionally rely on seems like “too much,” or
  • if taking the actions you need to take in order to lose weight feels like “suffering through.”

If any of that describes you, then, on some level you’ve “lost heart” and given up on weight loss. And you won’t be able to wholeheartedly pursue losing weight…because, on some level, you already “know” it won’t work out for you.

You don’t need a better plan. You don’t need a pep talk. You need help finding a deeper source of inspiration, so you can wholeheartedly pursue the health you want—so it becomes natural, or even automatic, without pushing yourself, or relying on self-discipline.

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